We understand

We understand coffee chemistry knowing whilst the roast is in progress something beautiful is happening with the bean and you just have to rely on your equipment and your senses to drop a perfect batch. This is evident in our different coffees.

Our Core Business
and Services we Offer

Our offering consists mainly of roasted coffee products packed on order or pre-packed for retail outlets and direct customer sales

We supply our unique coffee profiles to a wide range of businesses in the hospitality industry

Develop coffee blends to suit our customers’ needs

7 Coffee blends are available as well as 6 single origin coffees

We also stock Colombia La Meseta Decaf (Sugar cane process)

Advice and assistance with the purchase of specialised coffee equipment. Technical assistance and servicing of coffee equipment. Placement of standby equipment in case of breakdowns

We render coffee services at any type of event with a team of professional barista’s

Free initial barista training to our customers and quality control

Coffee menu development

We specialise in alternative brewing methods and products
Experience our coffee shop and coffee tasting

Why do our customers regard Clock Peaks Coffee as their brand of choice?