According to Statistics SA, coffee shops have contributed to around 2.8% of the positive annual growth around takeaway and fast food. They have also seen a 7.1% increase in income since 2014 with impressive growth across the country. South Africa is joining the coffee culture and is slowly but surely escaping its faintly embarrassing instant coffee roots.

Instant coffee is still very popular in South Africa, which is how the market started off. But the tide is changing and the demand for freshly roasted coffee that is freshly brewed is on the rise. Customers want quality and are happy to pay a bit more for a good cup.

This demand led to opportunities for artisan coffee roasters to produce freshly roasted coffee throughout South Africa.

When it comes to alternative coffee brewing methods we still have a long way to go in the specialty coffee market. Brewing methods such as pour over’s, drippers and siphon’s are still for most coffee drinkers a foreign concept. It is not only about enjoying a good cup of coffee but also the ritual to prepare the ultimate cup. The aim of Clock Peaks Coffee Roasters is to create an awareness for good quality coffee and to enjoy your cup even more!