Some crazy facts about coffee:

  • Because Brazil couldn’t afford to send its 82 athletes to the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles, they loaded their ship with coffee and sold it along the way. The organizers only let the  athletes out of the ship they felt had the best chance to win. They went to San Francisco to sell more coffee in an effort to release more athletes to compete, 15 Athletes remained on the ship and never competed in the Olympics..
  • King Gustav III of Sweden commissioned an experiment to prove coffee was poisonous. Overseen by two doctors, a (unlucky) prisoner was forced to drink three pots of coffee a day until he was supposed to die. Both doctors and King died before the prisoner. Long live the prisoner!
  • Some Catholics urged Pope Clement VII to ban coffee, calling it the ‘devils beverage’. After tasting the beverage, the Pope is said to have remarked that the drink was ‘… delicious that it would be a sin to let only misbelievers drink it’
  • There have been five attempts to ban coffee throughout history. The last attempt being in 1777 by Frederick the Great of Prussia who issued a manifesto declaring beer’s superiority over coffee. He believed that coffee interfered with the country’s beer consumption. No doubt where his sentiment lies.
  • Coffee was so influential in Turkish culture that the Turkish word for ‘breakfast’, Kahvalti, means ‘before coffee’, and the word brown relates to ‘the color of coffee’.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts in South Korea started spraying coffee aroma into public buses every time their jingle played. Coffee sales increased by 29%.
  • Various studies have shown that coffee prevents cancer, causes cancer, makes you live longer, makes you die younger and reduces your risk of diabetes. I guess it’s a matter of what you want it to be.
  • Cafe X Technologies launched on 1 February 2017 its first U.S. kiosk in downtown San Francisco, combining automated brewing technology, robotics, a tech-based ordering system, and participation from multiple roasting companies. Customers can order the drinks directly at the kiosk or in advance through the Cafe X iOS or Android App. When a drink is ready, customers then enter a four-digit order code at one of the kiosk’s tablets to be served by the robotic barista arm. Prices start at $2.25 for an 8-ounce cup, and vary depending on coffee selection. Crazy isn’t it? And all I wanted was a cup of coffee!
  • February is the month of love and Clock Peaks Coffee go off its rocker by selling 250 gram coffee packets at a 10% discount! How crazy is that! Join the revolution!