At Clock Peaks Coffee we have weekly rituals to cup (or taste if you will) coffee. This is part of our quality control to ensure our coffee is consistent.

We also run shots through the Espresso machine to check the extraction and cream.

Extraction is the process at the heart of brewing, and as the term suggests it means taking some elements out of the grounds and into the water.

Most of the content of ground coffee isn’t actually wanted in the cup. only about 25 per cent by weight is soluble, the rest is mostly cellulose fiber, which does not  dissolve.

Within the 25 per cent is a range of compounds that carry all the aromatic and taste elements of the coffee, but not all are positive.

For the best balance of flavors, we actually want around 18 to 22 per cent extracted from the grounds and into the brew.

Less than 18 per cent the coffee can taste sour, thin and lifeless; more than around 22 per cent and the flavors are compacted and astringent.

The most commonly experienced over-extraction of coffee flavor comes from badly made espresso (Americanos, usually), where too much water passes through the small amount of grounds, taking everything it can; resulting in an ashy and bitter cup.

For those who merely seek caffeine, and think it should come with a bitter kick in the pants, makes it difficult to move people back to the sweeter, rounded, gentle side of coffee.

We have appointed an experienced barista at Clock Peaks Coffee to ensure we follow through our quality control right to the point where our coffee is brewed by the customer.

To ensure good extraction the grinding of the coffee beans, dosing, tamping and brewing time is very important. It also depends on the brewing method.

Probably one of the most beautiful things about coffee is that perfect shot of espresso with a reddish-brown, evenly colored cream that persists on top of the serving.

Next time we will be looking at different brewing methods.

NEWS FLASH!! – Clock Peaks Coffee can also proudly announce the we have established a local team of coffee professionals to cater for the coffee needs at any event, such as weddings, sports, music and cultural. Call us and we will gladly assist!